Miss Chubby Nigeria – Making of A Worthy Crown

Miss Chubby Nigeria – Making of A Worthy Crown

The Miss Chubby Nigeria is a reality TV show, promoting the Big, Bold and Beautiful among our ladies.
The program starts and ends within three weeks. Showing on TSTV; Mama Africa and Hit Africa channels.

The just concluded Miss Chubby Nigeria show was a reality/pageant show which lasted three weeks. Two weeks was for reality activities where contestants push hard to make impact while the last week was for pageantry.

This unique reality/pageant show gives room for ladies that have been sidelined by conventional pageantry to showcase their beauty and intelligence without boundaries. It is one of its kind.

The show which had 17 finalists out of the many others who started the journey, was aired on Channel 206 DSTV, WapTV, and other media channels with wide audience all over the country.

The grand finale of the event was held on the 29th August, 2021 which gave birth to a new Queen, Queen Hannyster. The Crown comes with 1 million naira cash prize, a brand new branded car and an all expense paid trip to Ghana

Queen Hannyster

Queen Hannyster a.k.a Kuda Hannah Bukola is 29 years old from Gwer West Local Government of Benue. She represented Benue State at the event and ended up winning the crown.

Queen Hannyster, Winner

She is an interesting person who’s very simple and easy going. A selfless human, friendly and filled with determination to succeed in all endeavors.

Her love for competition and proving herself gave her the edge over others and also awarded her the crown. With all these, she has high respect for every person and holds reverence for life itself.

Queen Hannyster

Queen Hannyster shall hold on to the crown throughout her reign and pending when another Queen shall be crowned.

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