IPOB’s Commander Killed in Battle

IPOB’s Commander Killed in Battle

IPOB/ESN Number 1 Killer Squad Commander Dragon an EX-Soldier and IPOB Commander who is responsible for over 70 percent of the killings in the Southeast have met his Waterloo along side 5 of his key members today when they attempted to Attack Imo State Police Headquarters for the second time, 6am of 6/5/2021.

4 Ak47 Rifles all belonging to Police officers they killed in 2 police Stations, 6 Bombs, 2000 rounds of AK47 Ammunition, 7 AK47 Magazines, 2 Operational Buses one Loaded with Explosive recovered.

The Joint teams of the Police and Army gallantly Fought and Neutralized the IPOB/ESN Terrorist after several Minutes of Fierce Gun Battle along works road Near the Police HQ.

All the Charms the notorious Killer JOSEPH uka Nnachi aka Dragon, Native of Ebonyi state and his group were using which they so much believed in have failed them once More.

All the Hailing Dragon and co were getting from the Various Viral Videos in Social media from Natives as they were attacking Police Stations and killing Police officers contributed to were Dragon and his group are today. He most have met all the innocent people he has killed all over the Southeast by now.

By Ifeanyi Nwachukwu

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