Prof. Vincent Tenebe Ado, the Vice Chancellor Taraba State University, Jalingo, has indeed written his name in gold in the hearts of the students of the Taraba State University and the State as a whole. His name would not be lost nor forgotten even after many years that he might have exit his position as the Vice Chancellor of the Taraba State University.

Upon his appointment as the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Tenebe met a promising institution like Taraba State University at the verge of devastation. The reputation of the varsity was smeared to the extent that it was mostly dismissed with a wave of hand, and stigmatized as a ‘ second choice ‘ University.

But when Prof. Vincent Tenebe Ado took over the administration of the varsity, he audaciously confronted the challenges bedeviling the institution and unshackled the hidden treasures of the university instantly. And the gains have kept appreciating ever since.

Tenebe has successfully taken Taraba State University from a stagnant University to a fast rising 21st century institution. The University has had its best days since establishment in the last three years of Prof. Tenebe’s administration. It’s almost impossible to think of any aspect of the University that has not developed rapidly since he came on board.

Prof. Tenebe took over as the Vice-Chancellor when the University was operating with only four (4) approved and recognized faculties with just 2,000 admission carrying capacity that was allowed by the National University Commission (NUC).

In just about a year, the Vice-Chancellor worked indefatably to ensure more curriculums in the varsity, which resulted in having four (4) more approved faculties and seventeen (17) Departments; totaling to Eight (8) Faculties with Fifty two (52) Departments, and an incredible increase in admission capacity, from 2,000 to 7,000 – he holds the record as the Vice-Chancellor who has established more programmes to meet the contemporary labour demands than any other Vice-Chancellor in the history of the University.

When he took over the administration of the University, he met only one functional professor on ground; Prof. Bakare Aliyu, a professor of Agriculture and the other professor was on sabbatical. He has eventually raised the number of professors from one (1) to fifty two (52), and that has given the university a quality space in Nigeria. He has been able to ensure that he Provides the right leadership for the university.

The Vice Chancellor had boosted infrastructural development on account of his critical intervention in projects that uplifted the welfare of employees and students, giving him a scorecard in Jalingo, Taraba State. The students had expressed satisfaction with the administrator in his exemplary leadership, manifest in the renovation of hostels, adequate power and water supply as well as improved security on campus.

In the lifespan of the institution, no one has completed or come close to completing more capital projects than Prof. Vincent Ado Tenebe, even in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic and the national ASUU strike, where schools were under lockdown, the VC was found busy changing the face and the look of the school by revisiting one of the biggest, standard, abandoned E-Library and Senate building in the school; which now stands out as one of the best E-libraries and Senate buildings in the country; adequately furnished with modern types of furniture and facilities.
In addition, five new twin lecture theatres had been completed and furnished for the Faculty of Agriculture, Social and management sciences among other buildings.

In the past three years, Prof. Tenebe has been magical as he has been phenomenal. He has touched virtually every area in the University – ranging from Sports, Security, Alumni relations, Campus aesthetics, Expansion of curriculum offerings, Staff and Students welfare, infrastructure, to mention but a few.

When we talk of Transparent Administration, give it to Prof. Tenebe. He is running a transparent governance, a course which made it possible for him to walk the surface of the university freely and without guilt. Since his appointment, the regeneration and implantation of new things on campus has been massive. Then, someone can safely say his 3 years achievements seems like he has been around for over 10 years.

It is conspicuous that, Taraba State University under the watch of Prof. Vincent Ado Tenebe would rank among the best in Nigeria, as he strive to promote academic excellence in the ivory tower.

I believe, it is safe to say that, Nigeria needs a ‘ Tenebe ‘ in the helm of all aspects of it administrative affairs.

CHRISPODIAH EMMANUEL is a wanna writer, a social commentator, an advocate for good governance, a farmer and a 300 Level Law Student with the Taraba State University.

26 January ,2021


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