Professor Vincent Ado Tenebe, the Nehemiah of Taraba State University

Vincent Ado Tenebe the Nehemiah of Taraba State University.
Some years ago, it was a common knowledge among Jalingo residents that Taraba State University is a glorified secondary school due to the infrastructural decay and low educational standard of the school. With just few courses yet the standard was below average.
When Vincent Ado Tenebe was announced the new Vice Chancellor of the University, so many people grumbled and murmured asking if there were no qualified Tarabans fit for the job but the rescue captain in his wisdom paid no attention to such baseless talks.
In just few years in office, VAT as he’s fondly called has done so much in the school to lift it from a glorified secondary school to the fastest growing university in the north anf also a force to reckon with when it comes to education in Nigeria as a whole.

New faculty of Agric

VAT built faculties of Law, Health science and Arts. He completed faculty of Engineering. His administration saw the introduction of new professional courses that boosted the potency of the university.
With so much promise to deliver even more, VAT has not stopped but has continued to raise modern state of the art structures, touching all faculties of the school with his good work of completing the senate building and students library, VAT has done what no one else has achieved in such a short time.

New twin hall (Faculty of Law) 

Now, beaming our search light on educational achievement, VAT has made it possible for TSU to have access to dozens of professors thereby bringing quality education to each student. In a university which had less than 10 professors before, now we have more than four professors in each department bringing their total to almost 100.

Side view of the senate building 

The hostel condition which has made most of the hostels inhabitable, VAT has done justice to that making our hostels one of the best nationwide with standard security. Talking about security, the students have never been safer like now with continuous recruitment and training of able bodied security men giving sense of safety to those living in and around the university community.

Completed Students Library

Just like the biblical Nehemiah that built back the ruined city, so as our great VAT who I tag the Nehemiah of TSU done justice to not just the infrastructural atmosphere but also educational and general well being of the staff and students of this great university.

These are just few out of his numerous achievements which I cannot put up all for now, but as you follow, I’ll bring you more. A good job needs to be acknowledged.
Truly when a godly man leads, the people rejoice. God bless our VC Professor Vincent Ado Tenebe


Jacob Phibemi Emmanuel

6 thoughts on “Professor Vincent Ado Tenebe, the Nehemiah of Taraba State University

  1. Indeed he is a Nehemiah, he have lift the glorified secondary school into the fastest growing university…, in all sphere. May God bless him abundantly for putting smiles on our face. Long live to our able vice chancellor

  2. I am proud of my school and I am very proud of my VC. Congratulations to TSU family.
    Thank you very much our very own VAT for your good works. May God continue to Strengthen you to discharge your duties diligently. Kudos!!!

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